Unique experiences to enrich the soul


Fly Hummingbird - a luxury travel concierge offering our customers authentic and carefully curated holiday and event experiences throughout Europe.

The taste of champagne as you toast the sunset from a rooftop infinity pool; the first sight of snow-capped peaks as you soar over the Alps in a six-seater plane; the flavours of local cuisine served by a personal chef on the terrace of a grand Mediterranean villa.

At Fly Hummingbird, we believe memories like these shouldn’t be the exception. They should be the rule.

Our bespoke itineraries are formed by weaving unforgettable moments together to create your trip of a lifetime.

Whether it’s an experience you’ve requested from us, or one we’ve drawn from personal insight and our years travelling the world’s most desirable destinations, we want to share what we’ve loved with you.

If it’s one of the world’s foremost experts in their field accompanying you to a one-off global event, or an ex-player from your favourite sports team you are hosting on your jet en route to a major final, you can trust us to make this happen.

The true secret to luxury travel is knowing that everything is taken care of. This is our raison d'être.

There’s a feeling we all crave from an escape. It’s the feeling of letting go; giving in to the knowledge that these moments are yours to savour. Sometimes we find that feeling upon checking into our hotel, or perhaps after those first days on the beach. Too often we only find it when our trip is drawing to a close.

With Fly Hummingbird, you’ll discover that feeling the moment you step out your front door.