There are many ways of flying from A to B. 

We understand our customers have different requirements, so we tailor an itinerary to a specific brief and with the same consultative approach that runs through every element of travel with Fly Hummingbird. 

We work closely with a number of different airlines around Europe who deliver reliable journeys at reasonable rates.  Life is simple; order a gin & tonic from your host and immerse yourself in a book for a short hop across the continent.

For those seeking a more luxurious option then we can arrange a private jet for you. Your flight will be courtesy of one of a number of aircraft - such as the Legacy 650, Citation Latitude or Beechcraft King Air 350 - that we’ve handpicked for their comfort, safety and luxury.

By choosing an airfield close to your home, we can cut down on travel times and deliver the true luxury of convenience only private air travel can provide. Your on-board journey will be a chance to celebrate and indulge; we’ll lay on a bespoke food and drink reception so you can toast the start of a new adventure while soaring through the skies.

Once back on the ground we will provide chauffeur driven transfers to ensure your journey from door to door is smooth, seamless and hassle-free. 

We understand that flying can be an element of travel most would rather forget; with us it’s another experience to be savoured. .





A historic Tuscan villa cloaked in ivy, surrounded by ancient vineyards and elegant water features. A stunning pine wood ski chalet with views of Mont Blanc from its heated outdoor pool. 

Whatever comes to mind when you imagine your perfect holiday accommodation, we can make it a reality.

We know how important accommodation is to the holiday experience - we’ve lived it. From the grand chateaus of rural France to the finest mountainside bolt holes of the Alps, we understand exactly what it means to stay in a place of true luxury.

We also understand that everyone has their own unique criteria as to what is required to feel truly at home - or truly excited - when abroad. 

Whether it’s a grand billiards room or a cliff-top tennis court, a private cinema or a hall for feasting, we can find the location for you. 

Our service goes beyond simply finding the accommodation that meets your specification.

We can arrange specialist staffing - be it a full butler service, a private chef or a personal trainer - as well as additional experiences - such as wine-tasting with a master sommelier, or holistic massage and spa treatments - to ensure your stay lives up to every expectation.

Holiday Nanny


Holiday Nanny


We treat family escapes with the same level of care and attention as any other Fly Hummingbird experience - ensuring every member of the family is able to enjoy the sense of total freedom and complete relaxation we aim to provide. 

Sometimes, this means an extra pair of hands.

Our holiday nanny service draws from a pool of highly qualified professional child carers; individuals that are able to enrich your child’s time, while providing you with the space to enrich yours. 

They’ll make sure your children are occupied and entertained, leaving you to take a full-day skiing on the pistes, spend a night celebrating with friends, or simply enjoy a few uninterrupted hours by the pool.

Our nannies can be with you from start to finish. They can join you the night before departure, giving a chance for all to get acquainted (as well as help with the all-important packing), and will stay with you throughout the trip, remaining by you and your children’s side right until your arrival back in the UK.

Find out more details on our holiday nanny options →

Travel Photographer


Travel Photographer


Sometimes, when we seek to capture a moment, we’re taken out of it.

We believe you should be free to fully immerse yourself in that trip of a lifetime, and still return home with the mementos that make certain those memories will never fade.

Our travel photographer and videographer service matches you with an experienced professional who can bring creative flair to your holiday album, preserving every moment as it happens, without you needing to lift a finger.

From natural shots to playful images to profile pics, our photographer will capture the story of your escape exactly as briefed.

While we always have a recommendation in mind, we encourage our clients to vet photographers in advance and we will work with you to ensure we find precisely the right person to be trusted with such an intrinsic aspect of your trip.

As well as providing a curated selection of images at the end of your escape, the photographer can supply a daily stream of photos for Instagram and Facebook. This means there’s no need to wait until you return home to share every moment - perfectly framed, expertly lit and bursting with feeling.