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In Scotland’s ancient Caledonian Forest - a stunning natural environment known for its grand pine trees and mountain scenery - there is a special corner reserved for Fly Hummingbird.

The Hummingbird Grove is part of our commitment to reducing carbon emissions; for each flight taken we calculate the carbon usage and the corresponding number of trees are planted in the grove.

Our carbon offsetting scheme is part of the Trees for Life campaign, which works with corporate partners to achieve C02 neutrality. By supporting the planting of new trees in the Caledonian forest, we are able to not only reduce the impact of our emissions, but contribute to efforts to restore a forest that once covered 1.5million hectares of land, covering vast swathes of the Scottish Highlands.

In addition to offsetting the carbon from our flights, we strive to use electric cars wherever possible for all our airport transfers. In the UK this is done exclusively with Tesla vehicles.